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Parasit Host Dis. 2023;61(1):1-1
Publication date (electronic) : 2023 February 22
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Parasites, Hosts and Diseases (formerly The Korean Journal of Parasitology)

The best is yet to be.

Robert Browning

Our journal, The Korean Journal of Parasitology, has grown thanks to the unremitting efforts and great perseverance of our senior staff over the last 60 years. Without their dedication, our journal would not have lasted long enough to recognize providentiae caeli.

The continuation of tradition does not occur by simply following but by creating and developing new ideas through constant self-criticism and quiet introspection. After careful consideration, we are renewing our journal; we are changing the journal’s title to Parasites, Hosts and Diseases to attract more authors and wider audiences. It is an honor to invite researchers with proficiency in the relevant subject areas.

Parasites, Hosts and Diseases (Parasit Host Dis) aims to circulate new knowledge regarding parasites and vectors infecting humans and animals, host–parasite interrelationships, zoonotic diseases, and tropical medicine. We would like to make a sincere effort to collaborate with prominent, leading researchers.

The journal will consider submissions in areas including, but not limited to, clinical and basic parasitology, clinical trials, and molecular biochemical research. Furthermore, it welcomes papers on laboratory and animal experiments for the development of novel drugs and devices as well as studies on the targetable mechanisms of parasitic diseases.

We have left the next pages empty for you to fill, and you are warmly invited to submit your research. Please share your scientific journey with us.

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